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How Will You Feel, If I Tell You That The Many Problems That Marriages And Families Are Facing Can Be Drastically Reduced With The Very Undiscovered Idea Which We Tend To Broadcast On The Television Which Can Better The Life, Progress And Prosperity Of Every Relationship?

Please Pay Attention To This And Read On!!!

My name is Rev. Dr. James Ford Jr. and I consider myself to be an enthusiastic visionary and a counselor of positive and profound human relationship in all areas of our lives in the environment. I’m well known across the country as a man with “A Shepherds Heart”! I founded a school & built a church in Africa, which teaches annually in Turks and Caicos; providing shelter, food & even sending other teams of missionaries to Africa has been the vision bestowed on me by GOD himself. I have a deep and strong passion for building up the body of Christ through the expository preaching and teaching of the Word of God. I’m troubled for Christian marriages and I have a strong desire to help believers see marriage as God intended.

I would like to introduce “Relation-Tips For Your Relationships” which is the title of our upcoming television broadcast. The idea is to disrupt, cut off and break loose of the selfless act, responsibilities, and challenges beyond every relationship. Every year, this is the statistics from the fatherless generation:

  • 63% of SUICIDES: 5 times the average
  • 71% PREGNANCIES: 9 times
  • 90% RUNAWAYS: 32 times
  • 90% HOMELESS
  • 85% Behavioral problems: 20 times
  • 83% Prison inmates: 20 times
  • 71% of high school dropouts
  • 80% of RAPISTS: 14 time’s average
  • 70% of JUVENILES: 9 times
  • 90% of ARSONIST: 23 times

A better way we plan on reducing this issues is by offering them expository preaching and teaching of the Word of God through live broadcast, and also the opportunity to watch via cell phone, tablet, computer or flat screen at the comfort of their home zone.

So we are basically raising funds which will enable us to expand and operate in a broader way by getting this message to them through live broadcast. Help us make this project a magic unfold for the many million citizens in need of this message, which will make a dream come true for many relationships and families.

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In the meantime, we must count on people like you, almost for the very success of this project. Your right attitude, your open-mindedness, and most importantly your FINANCIAL SUPPORT can see us through this project.

We would be most grateful if you can support us with any amount at all. It would be much appreciated, and well used.

Please consider making a donation to help fund this project. You can send a check payable to Treasured Truth 7877 S Coles Chicago IL 60649.

We’re not sentimental about this. Hard noses and soft hearts are what we have.

We do hope you will honor our request for help. It will mean a great deal to us if you do so.

But whether you wish to accept our support request or not, please let us know as soon as possible. Response from you now with a contribution, pledge or even a “no” is very important to us. At least it will make us be sure that you received this message.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us via email at, or Call Pastor James Ford Jr. 773-734-2933

Thank you very much, and we hope that you consider our request. Every donation makes a difference.

To find out more about “Relation-Tips For Your Relationships”

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Thank you very much in anticipation for your generous donation.


Pastor James Ford Jr.