Pastor James Ford Jr is well known across the country as a man with “A Shepherds Heart”! He’s founded a school & built a church in Africa, teaches annually in Turks and Caicos, and has walked on the same soil as Jesus Christ & his disciples in Israel. In his travels GOD himself has placed on his heart the burden of caring for GOD’s sheep. Working along side them in the vineyards, providing shelter, food & even sending other teams of missionaries to Kenya in his absence, Pastor Ford has been given a vision much bigger than himself. This selfless act along with such a self-sacrificing journey requires the assistance of those of us who are forced to watch via computer or flatscreen. We have our own challenges and responsibilities but still understand that the seeds we sew, are the seeds that grow! What we want for ourselves we must sew into others. Pastor Ford & the less fortunate people across the world that would literally kill to have the life we complain about… Desperately need your  seed…. Plant one NOW!